Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lamar Cruiser Face Lift

Project: Lamar Cruiser

   I have noticed a lot of people like to stray from DIY projects. Well I am surely not one of those people. I don't believe anything gets accomplished from having another person fix your problem, or just completely avoiding the situation in general. I, have a problem, that I am going headfirst into changing. 
   Recently, I was given a used snowboard for free in Sun Valley, ID. Free. I couldn't be more ecstatic about that. The board had seen a lot of sun damage, and I'm guessing the previous owners had left it outside for a year. The only reason I was given it was that I had just bought a brand new custom board for my brothers birthday, and they had thrown it in just to get rid of it. 

    It is absolutely hideous. 

    On the top (unfortunately I can't really touch the bottom without ruining the board entirely) the main colors are blue, orange, white and black. With the world's biggest hockey puck. I removed the stickers and cleaned it up. The board had been in the sun so long the shadow of the stickers and decals had left shadows. Awesome. 

   The blue where the bindings were not covering has turned brown, as the white turned orange, and the orange turned even uglier.

   I believe in second chances. I will add another post, including pictures of it now, and one last post on this Lamar project of all the pictures I take during the process of the Snowboard Face Lift.